Awake in the middle of the night,

cannot stay this way too much longer,

my dreams are pushing their way

to the surface.

I often dream

about people that I’ve never seen,

people I will never know

in my waking hours.

I often go to places

I have never been

and places I’ve never seen

so many places in my dreams

created in my dreams.

Dreams begin to fill my head

as the edge of my vision

grows weary from these hours awake.



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Summer Heat

In the Summer heat

we find shade when we

find our passions are wild,

the warmth between us

is greater than the sun

coming through the window

by your bed.


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We Kissed…

Somewhere, once someday long ago,

we kissed and I remember

how much I wanted it to never end

but here I am alone

longing to be kissed again.

I cannot explain it,

these feelings within

like tiny explosions

in my heart.

Do I still love you

or have I ever loved you

from the start?

Maybe I’ll never know

because it ended before

it had time to truly begin…


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The Past

The clock reminds me of time passing though it feels like it’s standing still. I find myself repeating the same days and weeks and months and years over and and over again. I dream so often but nothing ever comes from them.

Outside the air is hot, my shirt sticks to my chest, and I walk towards nowhere because I have no idea where I’m heading…

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Lost Street

I rise up from my bed, dreams still heavy on my mind, to face the new day with hope.

Far from home I find myself on a street I have never noticed before. I’ve been riding all day and here I am exhausted and uncertain of where I am. The houses are ordinary houses at first glance but something is different about these houses: they are all empty. It’s as if someone built all of these identical looking houses only to leave them vacant.

In my dream last night I dreamt of a road that kept going. No matter how fast I ran there was always more road in front of me.

I push my BMX bicycle wondering if I should turn around and head home. The leaves crunch beneath my feet as I imagine these house filled with families gathered together for dinner. I imagine the many stories of the days they had apart being shared now that they are together.

A cold wind blows at my back. The past is always haunting you…

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New Home

I stare into the sky as I wonder why things have come to this, alone on a bus heading to a stranger’s house, and I close my eyes to it all and I dream.

In my dreams I have a family. In my dreams I’m not an outsider.

I open my eyes to a harsh beam of sun that seems to be directed at my face. The bus is stopped. This is where I get off and begin my new life. It’s what was told to me as I was being prepared for a foster home for the first time.

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I can see your form,

Your legs

Lead to

Your hips.

I watch

You smile

And I want to

Kiss your lips.


Words drift through the air,

Shapes the things we pursue.


I could trace your skin

And begin to see your everything.

Your lips part

And my heart

Starts to race.

I feel your skin,

Smooth against mine.

I can taste you

Pressed against my lips.

I could imagine you,

Your hips against mine.

I could imagine us together

For so long in bed.


Early morning

And I am here alone,

Considering all I’ve

Ever done.

These hours


Of something more,

Dreaming of

Not being alone.

Is there a boy


Out there,

Dreaming the same dreams

As I’m dreaming right now?

Your Kiss

It’s been so many years,

We were but now we’re not.

I think of then and who we were

But we’ll never be who we were then again.

Time has separated us

As we each went our own way.

Let us look back

To those times we shared:

I loved you more than you’ll ever know.

We kissed so often,

I still recall your kiss

And how it was

To feel you next to me.


I’m here alone

Waiting as time

Moves around me.

Is this all there is,

Waiting for the end,

To this life we are living?


Before I sleep I think of you,

so many that I have met,

and I wonder where you are now.

I know some of you are no longer with us

and I will forever miss you.

I remember the times we shared

and I miss you more than

you will ever be aware.


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Someday, Not Alone

It’s another day

and I’m still here

wondering when

things will ever get better for me.

in the silence of the night

alone in my room

In my solitude

I imagine a time someday

when love will find me

and I won’t be alone again.


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I close my eyes to the night,

dreams welcome me

like my only friend,

I close my eyes

to what’s real

for what’s in my head.

I could remain in my dreams,

forget the sorrow of the solitude,

but none of those memories are true

it’s only make believe.



I wake up to hope for a new day

dreams lingering as I sip my morning beverage.

Time moves so quickly I forget all I had planned.

I reach out but no reply.

I hear my doubts and I wonder why I even try.

The night has come again.

I’m alone and wondering if things are alright.

These destructive words in my head remain

from spoken words by vile lips to my ears.

Now I am so far from where I once was

wondering what to do next…


Sometimes I sit and imagine you, my imagined life

as though you’re a memory to live again and again.


Never Easy

Fold my hands like a prayer, scan my history for reasons why, and I find it’s not so easy to explain why things are the way they are.

A Life of Literature

I see the lines upon the page, words spread out painting images in my head, read aloud or to myself I am transported to other places, and I find myself longing to be someone else….




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