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A Morning Thought

I wake to the sound or rain. My mind filled with what remains of a dream so vivid but fading fast. I’m certain that I could remain here in bed all day. Amazon Wish List: B&H Wish Lists: Podcast: […]


I leave the road for the trail. I’m captivated by the sounds that envelope me as the road becomes a distant memory. I stretch my arms out to either side as I walk. I feel the damp leaves against my fingertips. I smell the scents of nature all around me. […]


Bitter cold greeted me as I became aware that I was no longer in a dream. I move beneath the pile of blankets until I’m warm. For a moment I imagine remaining in my warm bed until it’s not so cold outside. I can feel the pull of dreams keeping […]

A New Year

A slow rain greets me as dreams fade into the early light of a new day. I could remain in bed for a few more hours but I place my feet on the floor and begin my day. It’s a new year and I’m full of hope for the things […]

Alone for the season

I hear the songs of the season as the snow begins falling outside. I’m alone on this December evening. I’m always alone dreaming of not being alone. It’s cold outside as I bury myself beneath a stack of blankets. It’s the time of year to remember how alone I am […]

Secrets: The Search Begins

The wind is cold and damp. I’ve driven for hours to reach this field. After leaving the letter I followed the directions left for me on a note. I drove not knowing if I would find him alive or not. After this our lives will never be the same again.

Secrets: The Envelope

I enter the room as though I already belong in this place I’ve never been. I count things in my head to calm my nerves. The letter only mentioned the place and time. The envelope in my hand is what the kidnapper wanted. I walked into our apartment expecting him […]

In These Moments

I watch the stars at night as the story unfolds in my mind like a map I’ve seen a thousand times. I could hold my breath as the winds of time shift. I can hear the sounds of life, songs of life become my soundtrack. Have you ever been in […]

A Fantasy Revealed

Somewhere out there amongst the stars is a place of dreams. A place told of in countless stories with various names but all of these stories are true. In secret I watch the place where dreams become more. A portal to a place thought to be no more than the […]

Uncertain Hours

What if I wake up uncertain of everything I once thought so clear to me, These hours I stay awake watching time move on without me, Where is the clarity in these darkest of hours when I’m seeking purpose?

Only Dreams…

These nights I sleep alone, I’ve always been alone, and sometimes I dream while awake a dream of love found but there only dreams. Please consider the Following: Podcast:

All of these Years

I was thinking about you tonight, memories of you so few But I often think back to that year. I wish I had been stronger, if only I had been honest with myself. The person I am now is the the one I was back then. I think of all […]