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In the middle of the night I wake up from a dream. It’s not the typical dream. This dream was more vivid. There was more detail. It was less dream than most dreams I’ve ever had.

Someone, Someday

I walked into the empty room expecting someone to be there waiting for me like it was planned from the beginning. Alone, I sit watching the day from my computer screen. Each day moves as if I’m not here waiting for a destiny I’d dreamt of so many years ago. […]

These Dreams

I stare into the unknown of time and space to dream of imagined places I’ll never see unless made into a made for TV movie shown once a week for the rest of my life. I’m captivated by his smile and his place in my made up world. I see […]

Storm before dreams

The storm continues outside as I watch the ceiling. I’m naked in bed and I’m alone. I’m lonely. I feel the isolation like a tiny ship in a storm. I feel the weight of years of depression and anxiety like more blankets plied upon me as I look up from […]

Past Present Future

I write notes to remind myself of the things I’ve been through. Notes accumulate like snow on a winter’s day. I can keep living in the past or learn from my mistakes and live in the moment starting now. I live with the lessons from my past, appreciating each moment, […]


Longer nights Cold nights So much time waiting. I feel time moving on without me. The isolation has become constant for me. I’m alone all of these days and nights. Podcast: video editing: […]


This piece of flesh I so desire. A shaft. Strong and hard. They come in varying sizes and shapes. These bodies I desire. How I long to be in love. These pieces of flesh I’ve seen in photographs. So many sizes and shapes. It makes me hard to think of […]


The day is old. Time is forgotten. He leans backwards towards empty as I reach out to him. Our bodies stacked on top of the other unaware of everything but the other. I stretch to meet him. Our lips meet. His kisses are a treasure that I seek. Our tongues […]

Forward Towards Onwards

My feet move me onwards towards an unknown city. I see the massive towers of glass and steel reaching up like the fingers of giants protruding from the ground. I continue walking because going forward into the unknown means there’s more to discover. The discovery of a new place keeps […]


The sun is warm. I toss my damp clothes into a pile. I run in circles warming myself beneath the midday sun. At one time I’d never imagine myself running around naked. Now, sans other people, I have the freedom to be without limits. This moment isn’t about sex. It’s […]


I point my finger up towards a star, the brightest star in sight, and I make a wish. I wish that I were not alone. I feel the cold like a presence. A force that makes me drift towards sleep. I force my eyes open knowing that now isn’t the […]

Silence of my solitude

The moon is my only light as I move between trees. I move slowly to avoid making too much noise. The air becomes colder as the night moves forward into the unknown. I’m certain I’m the last person alive for miles around. I feel different now about the silence of […]


I’m feeling alive but I feel the doubt remaining. It’s like a ghost that haunts my every waking hour. No time to rest when there’s so much inside wanting out, inspiration rises as the music inside plays on. I’m a mixture of my expectations and experiences. I’ve got nothing but […]


He stands in the middle of the street counting the steps until he’s home again. Up above the towers of glass and steel winged flight takes us away from home. We soar above the clouds. I’m alone down here in the middle of nowhere. You pass over me not knowing […]


I feel the times change around me as I dream of a better world. I hold out for change but nothing ever rearranges itself. I feel stuck where I am in the middle of nowhere. No city in sight as I read by morning light about the things so far […]


I know these words will never be read by you but it’s all I can do now that you’re not here anymore. There’s so many of you that I’ve met on this journey of life. I wish I could remember all of your names but I do recall all of […]