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The End

The End. It’s beginning again. Hold hands and kiss. Be Love where there is none. Take the least expected path in life. I’m not going anywhere, I am out, this is where I’m staying for now.

A Chance for Me

I walk to the end of the street, the place we would meet, waited for the street lights to come on. These lonely hours, long days watching time change, wondering if anything will change for me. I am talented, more than most people, but here I am wasting time again. […]

A Lover

I kicked the habit. I am different now. Those times are over. No more strange old men. No more spreading my legs for strange old men. No more for one time encounters. What I’m looking for now is a lover. Fit and cute and intelligent.

What they Came for

I remember the days sending pics of my dick to other guys and old men. I was so young and horny trying to fill the lonely hours. Those times are behind me now. No more pics at all times of the day just to meet a stranger who would walk […]


I came up lately while watching late night tv. I’m not here for you but if you’re feeling lonely I could make you want to do more than you know to do. I’m a top but I can flip if you’re fit, sit on you. I’m not wasting time but […]

Moments of Time

I sat silent as his mouth covered me. My mind went elsewhere as he went down on me. There’s no love here just the feeling of his mouth on my dick. I could say that this has happened just once or twice but I could not say that it happened […]

No Place but Someplace but Anyplace but Here

I’ve got nowhere to go. These days watching movies and TV shows, streaming my day away, are the most boring days I have ever lived. I have no place to be so I dream of being anywhere but here. Podcast: […]

It Begins…

In the late hours of night this story begins. I pack a small bag as the thunder shakes my body. I would not have chosen this night of all nights to leave but sometimes the timing of things are out of your hands. The rain pelts the windows as the […]

These Days

What if I woke up tomorrow to find all of this had been a nightmare? The things unusual so casual and ordinary. The days waiting for the unexpected. Waiting for a normal that was never present. We watch the television. The social media. News of those lost to these moments […]

Still Dreaming

I came home late some nights watching late night television, the music still playing through my headphones swaying from the back of my chair. No time to dream when things are happening somewhere I am not. No time to wait for sleep to keep me down I look around for […]


Slowly we are aroused by the coming hour as we are becoming aware of the changes all around us now. By the light of the moon we discover ourselves. We find it better to be ourselves than to hide in a shell. Confused by identity we are not we seek […]


People are fascinated by anatomy, trying to remain modest yet secretly wonder about so many things. The questions I’ve been asked before about the part of me not many have seen. The helmet was removed when I was young. It’s small when not aroused but more than average at times. […]

My Time

I follow the clouds drifting aimlessly across the light blue sky. My life has been long and strange and it’s not been normal mostly. I lay here thinking about so many moments and people but now I’m here alone with nothing but my thoughts to occupy my time.