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Better, Greater?

These days you think back to other times like they were better than they are now, not that I was around when you thought things were so greater. I know you miss something but things were not better. Podcast:

My Prayers Answered

I started to wonder why I’m in this place, then I remembered a prayer I once prayed. Sometimes What you truely want is what you will receive. Sometimes what you truely need is what you will be like a seed waiting to grow. I heard a voice those years ago, now I’m here thankful to have been brought out of those times. What was … Read More My Prayers Answered

Tonight I Remember…

It’s just another day but it’s not the same. It’s never easy saying goodbye. I will always remember you. I can imagine you but it’s not the same. I wonder if you knew what you meant to me. Please consider the Following: Podcast:

My Soundtrack, in the Silence

I hear the music in the silence, calling me to a higher purpose. I dream vividly as my story is written. I call out to whoever may listen. What time is it? I’ve heard of this place before. It’s like I’m seeing myself for the first time. I listen to song after song, wondering what’s my soundtrack. Please consider the Following: More My Soundtrack, in the Silence


Somewhere in the night I could arise like the sun and be more than anything anyone could imagine. I hear the words of the ignorant and I wish that I could say that these words never hurt but sometimes they bring me down. I’m not like any other, nor do I desire to be what some would call “normal”….     Please consider the … Read More Words…

On My Own…

I stare into the abyss of the coming day, hours I dread coming so fast like a train on a foggy day appearing like a ghost so suddenly, I shake myself awake after dreams so vivid but now they’re all faded erased from my memory. I count to ease the things of memory that sometimes rush like a flood overwhelming me as I attempt … Read More On My Own…

Goodbye to the Past

It’s been so many days since we last spoke on the telephone but it’s just now that I write these words down: I wish that things were different, I miss the way it was before but maybe it could never be like it was before again. I don’t blame you for being who you are, I only wish you the best, and as I … Read More Goodbye to the Past

Alone in this World…

Late in the evening, early in the morning sometimes I wonder if alone is how I’ll always be in this World.   Please consider the Following: Podcast:

Holiday Season

Summer is near its end, soon there will be pumpkins carved, and soon I will have that feeling again. It’s the Holiday Season that makes me recall things of childhood. I look forward to the movies and TV specials. I look forward to the food. It’s that time of year I look forward to the most.   Please consider the Following: More Holiday Season

Not Forgotten

I slow my mind with a rhythm as my heart races. I think about a moment, it was so long ago, it was just one night but I’ve never forgotten it. I recall meeting him every so often and how I only thought of him while we were together. Sometimes I think about the guys I’ve shared my time with but they were only … Read More Not Forgotten

When I dream of Love…

All of these days and nights dreaming of someone like you but you’re just a dream that will never come true. Alone in my room with my thoughts and time… I find myself wanting what I’ve never had from you.   Please consider the Following: Podcast:  

Sometimes of Memory

Sometimes while watching the weather repeat, hot days with thunderstorms once again, I find myself thinking about these many years. Once I sat and spoke with you on the Boulevard while fascinated by the colors of the lights and our conversation I recall as a jumble of words. I follow these fragments of memory to the many places that I have been before. I … Read More Sometimes of Memory

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