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Once We Met…

I sat alone in silence today, remembering the things that make me wonder, I feel the need to cry when I hear about your loss and suffering. Can I ever be so happy? I go to bed waiting for dreams to take me from here. These days and nights are […]

Good Night

I started out unsure of so many things, found direction while losing everything, lost so much on my way to discovering the truth. I am here alone again watching the time wondering when I will go to dream again. Amazon Wish List: B&H Wish Lists: […]

So Many Conclusions…

I could never be your hero, nothing special about me, I’m just another nobody looking for a life to live. Here we go again with our many comparisons, who will win this game, when we’ve lost so much to the struggles of this world. I hear your stories, I have […]


Sometimes I feel so alone and empty inside, watching days go by these hours progressing towards nothing again, wishing that I could do more than linger here alone. Can you feel these feelings? They bring me so low. Everything is empty, I’m hollow and I’m waiting to be filled by […]

I Love You

Do you recall those years before, I could lie and pretend I don’t remember you. I think of you at times, what was just a moment in time meant so much to me, times you may want to forget. I was in love but you were just whatever you were, […]

Looking Back

I look back into the memories of a former life, so many years gone, vanished, never to be again. I’ve been through more than I could ever share in words alone. I started out with a dream but tragedies became my friend on a journey that brought me here to […]


I am suddenly aware of my solitude, just me at my computer so far from anyone else. This is not new to me. I’ve been alone for so long. Amazon Wish List: B&H Wish Lists: Podcast: […]

When Words Fail…

I see the stars. I see the trampoline. I hear your voice in the dark. I feel your skin between my fingers. I think so much of what could have been. I imagine us now if there had been more to us then. I loved you then and maybe I […]

Add Title

I close my eyes. I dream. I open my eyes. I live. In my dreams I live. In my life I dream. Solitude. Waiting. Time passing. I’m alone. I’ve always been alone. I can hear the sounds of the outside sometimes. I imagine being somewhere other than here. I imagine […]

These Days

I lay awake trying to recall a time when I was not on my own. These days I wait for an inspiration but my mind remains blank . These days I feel so low and even when things are good I wonder how long these good feelings will remain. I […]

Better, Greater?

These days you think back to other times like they were better than they are now, not that I was around when you thought things were so greater. I know you miss something but things were not better. Podcast:

My Prayers Answered

I started to wonder why I’m in this place, then I remembered a prayer I once prayed. Sometimes What you truely want is what you will receive. Sometimes what you truely need is what you will be like a seed waiting to grow. I heard a voice those years ago, […]

Tonight I Remember…

It’s just another day but it’s not the same. It’s never easy saying goodbye. I will always remember you. I can imagine you but it’s not the same. I wonder if you knew what you meant to me. Please consider the Following: Podcast:


Somewhere in the night I could arise like the sun and be more than anything anyone could imagine. I hear the words of the ignorant and I wish that I could say that these words never hurt but sometimes they bring me down. I’m not like any other, nor do […]

On My Own…

I stare into the abyss of the coming day, hours I dread coming so fast like a train on a foggy day appearing like a ghost so suddenly, I shake myself awake after dreams so vivid but now they’re all faded erased from my memory. I count to ease the […]

Goodbye to the Past

It’s been so many days since we last spoke on the telephone but it’s just now that I write these words down: I wish that things were different, I miss the way it was before but maybe it could never be like it was before again. I don’t blame you […]

Alone in this World…

Late in the evening, early in the morning sometimes I wonder if alone is how I’ll always be in this World.   Please consider the Following: Podcast:

Holiday Season

Summer is near its end, soon there will be pumpkins carved, and soon I will have that feeling again. It’s the Holiday Season that makes me recall things of childhood. I look forward to the movies and TV specials. I look forward to the food. It’s that time of year […]

Not Forgotten

I slow my mind with a rhythm as my heart races. I think about a moment, it was so long ago, it was just one night but I’ve never forgotten it. I recall meeting him every so often and how I only thought of him while we were together. Sometimes […]