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Living Room Scene

It’s been some time since those times, on your knees at me feet you consumed me. I see you sometimes, Sunday morning, and I remember those hours. I can feel your mouth take me inside as my mind drifted. I can remember those times and I think I want it […]

Hello Stranger

Hello Stranger, insert your name here. Not that I hate you or love you but what we had was just a moment. I remember those times but I don’t remember all of you. You pointed down and told me you wanted it after saying you were not about it. You […]


Somewhere in these words, the many things I’ve said and written, you could find me. I hate to repeat myself, but I will as long as required, so I tell you I need you. I don’t know who you are, we may have met but I’m still unaware of your […]

In My Own Voice

I struggle with the failure, life is unexpected sometimes, and I keep going like I meant to do it that way. I hear the words spoken, those years ago by someone intent on harming me, but now I hear these words that hurt and bring me down in my own […]


The headlines are depressing, my life is not what I would have expected. I sit here thinking of choices made, wondering about my choices I will make. Tired and alone, horny but don’t want to do anything by myself. The hour is late, I wonder if I will ever date. […]

Past and Future

These nights I’m alone wishing I were not, I can remember those times before but what are memories when you’re on your own? I miss that touch, I miss the kissing, I can imagine those times we did so much. Now, alone in my room, I dream of being with […]

Time Drifting

I feel time moving, as days become weeks and weeks become years and years are forgotten except for the rarest of moments that remain in our memory. We sat rising into the the night sky this water ride we were on, talking as we looked over the side of the […]

Eyes Open

I could close my eyes, dream while I’m awake, I could shake the tree of memories of the dried out leaves of regret and suffering. Do you hear me now? I’m here shouting aloud. I need more than kind words. I hope you’ll understand if I don’t always say the […]


Lingering on a moment, images flashing, I cannot forget what happened both good and bad in my life. I have spoken the words to express my story but does anyone care about the things I’ve experienced? Hurt and broken am I, waiting to be mended but all I find is […]

Times Alone Thinking

In my times alone I think so often of times gone, what could I have done differently, these choices we made were made but now we’re uncertain if we were right in the choosing to do things the way we did. I have met so many people, some have died […]


I’m not certain but I think I’m horny, maybe I am most of the time, but it’s hard to ignore these feelings. You may think it’s wrong to want to not be alone but it’s not easy being solo when it comes to these emotions.  


I can feel myself longing for sleep as my mind races, so many thoughts so few hours to dream of things to come. I imagine a future, better than the present, waiting for me to come to the right conclusions.  

Waiting to Begin

When I think about these moments just before something wonderful, these times before something big in your life when something tragic could occur at any moment, I wonder what to do with these moments of waiting to begin.


I hear the soundtrack of my life, it’s not what you’d imagine. I can hum along but I never know the words. I can recall the feeling behind memories like scenes from a movie I watch again and again in my head. I rewind but I don’t travel in time, […]

Seeking After

I take the Red, watching people sometimes, wasting time as above me now people live their lives. The sound of an approaching train, The sounds of people all around, we rush as the doors part, as strangers on a train we leave here for somewhere. We’re all going somewhere, different […]