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On My Own…

I stare into the abyss of the coming day, hours I dread coming so fast like a train on a foggy day appearing like a ghost so suddenly, I shake myself awake after dreams so vivid but now they’re all faded erased from my memory. I count to ease the things of memory that sometimes rush like a flood overwhelming me as I attempt … Read More On My Own…


I shed the things of my past like baggage left at a former house. I see the changes over time like an evolution of myself. I feel the soft skin beneath and the blood rushes. Counting the stars while wishing these dreams could ever be true. I lay in bed wondering, is this all there will ever be? I keep hope despite the odds. … Read More Waiting

Short Stories

I am posting short stories to my Patreon…   Please consider the Following: https://crowdrise.com/dashboard/fjasonwhitaker/videoproductionequipment https://www.linkedin.com/in/jason-whitaker-6234b87 https://teespring.com/stores/f-jason-whitaker-photography http://patreon.com/jason29171 Podcast: https://anchor.fm/f-jason-whitaker https://www.fjasonphoto.com/ https://fjasonwhitakerwriter.com/

Into the Woods

The embers of the fire glow as if alive. The fire is almost dead. Smoke rises in a few places. I sit on a log nearby watching. It’s late in the evening and I’m here alone watching a fire die out. The rest of the troop is elsewhere. Earlier in the night we scattered through the trees hiding as other seeked. I walked slowly … Read More Into the Woods

Once Upon a Memory

When I close my eyes I remember the beginning. The scars remain but so do the memories. I’m told that things will get better but memories are not as easy to heal. The lights are off in his house. I can hear the rest of his family asleep throughout the house. I’m sleeping on the floor in a sleeping bag. It feels like I’m … Read More Once Upon a Memory


Last words for another day, will I be so bold and say what’s on my mind? I’m gay if you don’t already know. I suck cock and guys suck mine as well. I’ve had sex as if you could tell by looking at me. Am I ashamed of these things? No, I’m not and I will do it again.   Please consider the Following: … Read More Again

I dream of Love

I dream of days that will never be, I dream of people I’ll never know. Sometimes I say words no one will ever hear, sometimes I think: why am I here? It’s not easy to explain, the many things that I am. I can be sweet and I can be not so nice at times. I have these moments I feel so alone, I … Read More I dream of Love


Rain on my roof, nothing to do but think of you but there’s no you to think about. I look at myself, I thought I knew who I was those years ago but now I see that I never knew everything.   Please consider the Following: https://crowdrise.com/dashboard/fjasonwhitaker/videoproductionequipment https://www.linkedin.com/in/jason-whitaker-6234b87 http://patreon.com/jason29171 Podcast: https://anchor.fm/f-jason-whitaker http://filmmakerjasonwhit.wixsite.com/photo


With fading dreams I awake, wondering if today will be different from the many before this one. I dream of a stranger, someone unknown to me now but someday we won’t be strangers anymore. Hello, I’ve been thinking of you often, wondering what those future days would be like when my solitude would end. I could smell your skin, a scent I would know … Read More Someday


The headlines are depressing, my life is not what I would have expected. I sit here thinking of choices made, wondering about my choices I will make. Tired and alone, horny but don’t want to do anything by myself. The hour is late, I wonder if I will ever date.  


These nights alone I sit and I pray, I long and I dream, but still I remain.  


What without words you expressed: your lips part, I feel your intent as you move me. I move my hips as time stops for us. I could remain like this but soon it will be over. Is there more I desire from these moments or am I satisfied closing my eyes and drifting to another place? These feelings inside overpowering, a need to be … Read More Want

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