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Waiting for Love

I saw the lights in the sky while watching Victor fall in love. Somewhere out there beneath these very stars is a love I hope to find. I wonder how many more days until we meet and then he will be mine and will be his. Watching love through makebelieve […]

A Day of Hope

I wake up here again, waiting for change. Somewhere is anywhere but here, anywhere could be better than here. Waking up each day wondering if today will be the day that is the begin to a change in my life. Will this be the day that my life changes for […]

These Trees

These trees bend to the wind’s embrace, dance with the breeze, and I hold out my hands searching for a reason to anything. I’m not afraid of the dark, what is hidden can remain, but what I fear the most is going through life alone. At night I whisper in […]

My Life

Suddenly things change and I am left alone. My mind goes blank. Depression and anxiety. My life is a mess. Always an outsider, I’m always on my own. Podcast: video editing: Video editing and color grading: Amazon Wish List: […]


I search your eyes for meaning, your words for reason, waiting for you to say what I have always wanted to hear. These days are the longest days I’ve known so far. Waiting for the unknown to be my destiny. I hear your voice though we have never met. I […]

The Silence of My Solitude

I sit watching my computer screen, wondering if I will ever not be alone, wondering if I will forever be like this. At night in bed I remember being so close to those strangers, the space between us so small but the distance between our hearts light years apart, and […]

Good Night

I stay up late watching the weather outside my window. The sky clears as the moon and stars begin to appear. I feel the need to be somehwere better. I’m solitary. No one to share my bed with. Only my dreams. I feel a need to share my longing for […]

Love is…

I hear the music in my ears. The words so clear. I hear your confusion as you begin to speak. I see your panic as you begin to dance. The night is almost over and you are here with me. I follow the rhythm to the place of peace. There […]

No More Opression

I’m taking my time to get the words right, no reason to rush when we’ve been fighting so long, let’s find our voice and shout together as one for this is our time to rise above. It’s been so many years of being less than and now we have our […]

Pride March

How far to the mountain top? How much further do we march until we see above the tree tops? It’s been so many years since Stonewall and we’re still not done fighting yet. Many tears shed for those who have sacrificed so much for the things we are blessed with […]

For a friend departed

Sometimes I say a prayer for you while I’m alone. These days are tough and the days and nights ahead will be as they never have before. We can look back with wonder and we could look forward uncertain but all we have is this moment we’re all living in. […]

Once We Met…

I sat alone in silence today, remembering the things that make me wonder, I feel the need to cry when I hear about your loss and suffering. Can I ever be so happy? I go to bed waiting for dreams to take me from here. These days and nights are […]

Good Night

I started out unsure of so many things, found direction while losing everything, lost so much on my way to discovering the truth. I am here alone again watching the time wondering when I will go to dream again. Amazon Wish List: B&H Wish Lists: […]

So Many Conclusions…

I could never be your hero, nothing special about me, I’m just another nobody looking for a life to live. Here we go again with our many comparisons, who will win this game, when we’ve lost so much to the struggles of this world. I hear your stories, I have […]


Sometimes I feel so alone and empty inside, watching days go by these hours progressing towards nothing again, wishing that I could do more than linger here alone. Can you feel these feelings? They bring me so low. Everything is empty, I’m hollow and I’m waiting to be filled by […]

I Love You

Do you recall those years before, I could lie and pretend I don’t remember you. I think of you at times, what was just a moment in time meant so much to me, times you may want to forget. I was in love but you were just whatever you were, […]

Looking Back

I look back into the memories of a former life, so many years gone, vanished, never to be again. I’ve been through more than I could ever share in words alone. I started out with a dream but tragedies became my friend on a journey that brought me here to […]


I am suddenly aware of my solitude, just me at my computer so far from anyone else. This is not new to me. I’ve been alone for so long. Amazon Wish List: B&H Wish Lists: Podcast: […]

When Words Fail…

I see the stars. I see the trampoline. I hear your voice in the dark. I feel your skin between my fingers. I think so much of what could have been. I imagine us now if there had been more to us then. I loved you then and maybe I […]