Short Stories

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Sometimes I wonder

why all of the ignorance?

Your comment was

like an empty container:

full of nothing.

Why do you share such junk?


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I can see your ignorance

so clear

and your hate

comes through

with every word

you wrote.

You think you’re so mighty,

a judge over


you think you’re


but you’re a fake.

How easy it is to write

about something you know nothing about.

Keep your ignorance to yourself.


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Those Darkest of Hours

In the dark hours,

times of low

and sorrow

I hear his voice

shattering my silence.

I want to kill his memories,

forget the time I spent captive.

I’ve been broken,

those words spoken

are still roaming

my head like smoke filling

a room of memory.

You watched me in the shower,

you watched me as I slept

on your sofa in the living room.

You took me in your mouth,

threw up all over me,

I am being blunt

because these feelings

could ruin me

if not expressed.

You took me when I was low,

in need of a friend

but that was not what you wanted,

and you shattered me

with your words and deeds

when you wanted my seed inside of you.

This is raw

like my emotions,

confused as I was about the moments.

So you made me hard,

it’s not that difficult to do,

but I was never into you

like you were into me.

We could have been friends

but then you kept wanting more,

now these many years later

I write these words

wanting to end your

influence over me.

Between Love and Hate

I could pretend I’m doing fine,

fake expressions

and quick replies,

but things have never been well with me.

I’m stuck in these feelings

between love and hate

for myself.

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