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Dark Places Imagined, Found

The bright lights of the fireworks exploding overhead light the path in front of me. I slowly walk away from the sounds of the crowds cheering towards a darkened woods. Is this where my story ends? I have no idea what I will do once I reach that place in this trail where I’ll be out of sight and out of earshot of anyone, … Read More Dark Places Imagined, Found

Untitled New Story

I found myself on a Greyhound leaving the bright lights of the city for a place I’ve only heard about in stories. What brought about my exodus is another story. This is the story of how a gay boy went to live with his conservative grandparents. This is your warning: reading this story may result in unexpected tears. The bus that brings me to … Read More Untitled New Story

Not Forgotten

I slow my mind with a rhythm as my heart races. I think about a moment, it was so long ago, it was just one night but I’ve never forgotten it. I recall meeting him every so often and how I only thought of him while we were together. Sometimes I think about the guys I’ve shared my time with but they were only … Read More Not Forgotten

Sometimes I Wonder…

Sometimes I wonder where I went so wrong? I could love you but these feelings won’t let me let you in. Somedays I feel like this crushing force is about to take my last breath as I remember you as you were when we would kiss. Sometimes I think no one could ever love me as I am, but how could I ever change … Read More Sometimes I Wonder…

Whole Again

I wish I could be so bold in my life but these strings keep me down. I feel the tug to be like someone else when my real self keeps reaching up towards greater heights. I imagine being myself but who am I when these tragedies and lies have shaped my identity? I want to love but I fear love won’t be returned. These … Read More Whole Again

Most Important Dreams

Waking in the morning, I’m out of bed before my dreams fade as they do everyday. No alarm just another day. Nothing to do but work and dream the day away. Say nothing to anyone because I’m all alone in my room. I dream while awake and I dream at night but the dreams that matter the most to me are the dreams I’ve … Read More Most Important Dreams


I shed the things of my past like baggage left at a former house. I see the changes over time like an evolution of myself. I feel the soft skin beneath and the blood rushes. Counting the stars while wishing these dreams could ever be true. I lay in bed wondering, is this all there will ever be? I keep hope despite the odds. … Read More Waiting


The hour comes to me, late at night in my room, with the urge to be aroused when all I really want is to go to bed. Love is Love but have I found it anywhere? I can be alone and satisfy myself but what I really need is someone to hold me at night and tell me things are alright.   Please consider … Read More Satisfy

My Muse is the night

Time for a little rest, dream of something different. It’s late and I need to go to bed but my mind is eager to write. At night I like to write. At night is when things come to me so clear.   Please consider the Following: https://crowdrise.com/dashboard/fjasonwhitaker/videoproductionequipment https://www.linkedin.com/in/jason-whitaker-6234b87 https://teespring.com/stores/f-jason-whitaker-photography http://patreon.com/jason29171 Podcast: https://anchor.fm/f-jason-whitaker https://www.fjasonphoto.com/ https://fjasonwhitakerwriter.com/ https://bundle.growsumo.com/JasonWhitaker https://bundle.growsumo.com/jasonwhitaker

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