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Soundtrack to My Life

A strange feeling comes over me whenever I hear that familiar song. It may be from a movie, a soundtrack that could be for my life, but it resonates beyond the big screen. I can hear the words and I can hear the music as I go through my day […]

Most Important Dreams

Waking in the morning, I’m out of bed before my dreams fade as they do everyday. No alarm just another day. Nothing to do but work and dream the day away. Say nothing to anyone because I’m all alone in my room. I dream while awake and I dream at […]


The hour comes to me, late at night in my room, with the urge to be aroused when all I really want is to go to bed. Love is Love but have I found it anywhere? I can be alone and satisfy myself but what I really need is someone […]

To Mr. C

You were alive when I first read your words, poems written before I was born. All of these things I remember from when I was so young. Do you ever look back and wonder what became of the you back then because you now is so different than you were […]


I hear the bells ring, singing my song tonight. Time is my companion tonight, we go back so far, he’s always at my side.   Please consider the Following: Podcast:

Floating Through

I float through like I’m Casper. I woke up alone again trying to pretend I’m doing better but the pain don’t lie. All of these words to hide how I’m feeling. Sunday morning, time passing, as I wonder if things will always be this way. I drift into the silence […]

Shatter the Wall

I couldn’t imagine these nights, like a castle in the sky my dreams fill my mind with plans for another hour, these nights are not easy because these are the nights of waiting for something more. Waiting for a dream to be more than images in my head, waiting for […]


Shadows on the wall moving with the rhythm of the music. In my head is a world so different than this place. I’m glad you cared enough but where are you when I cry alone at night? At night I think of so many things but all of these memories […]

These Words

I hear the music loud, the rhythm in my ears the words in my head, and the things of my heart coming out so loud.   Please consider the Following: Podcast:


It’s Saturday night dreaming of a road to travel, escaping this prison of solitude for the freedom of the open road. Take me from this place and let’s begin a new story. My life is lame but it was never my intention to end up here alone.   Please consider […]

TV Shows

I trace my history through the images upon the television screen, moments in life corresponding with the shows I would watch…   Please consider the Following: Podcast:  


A million questions inside of my head, sitting while you were going down, closing my eyes to what’s real for a dream. I close my eyes to it all when things are tough, I imagine things are better but I wonder if things will ever be better…      

Some of these Dreams…

I shake the dreams, some nightmares never go away.   Please consider the Following: Podcast:


I’m alone again with the memory of when things were easier but when was it ever easy to be me? I looked up to the stars to dreams long forgotten when I was younger.   Please consider the Following: Podcast:

Where to Begin?

I think you know by now that these doubts linger with me everyday of my life, I wish I could take these things and remove them so easily but I don’t have the answers to the riddles of my heart. Where do I start to tell of the history and […]

If You Will Remain

Soft lips under soft light candle light, knowing you’re there.   Moments together yearning for more.   Day ends is there more? can I ever know you know you more?   Please consider the Following: Podcast:

A moment

I was thinking so often, in that moment that lasted a only minutes, that I could take you home but I was too shy to even go up to you in person. I watched hoping that you’d come over and things would happen like an emotion. I imagine you as […]

Your Lips

Suddenly I’m into deep when I’ve chased my dreams down a dead end street. I watch you in memory, you were so much to me, but now you’re somewhere out there unaware of how much you meant to me. Who am I? What has made me into the person you […]