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Wednesday, November 24, 2021

I started with a dream that was crushed along the way from childhood. I’ve lived uncertain always knowing no one wanted me around. Their words spoken like ghosts in my life afterwards. I’ve been bullied and teased all of these years of my life and now I’m drifting through a […]

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Headed to nowhere on a bus going somewhere I’m waiting to find something not knowing what will be someday. Please continue reading this blog on my Patreon: Please read my writing on my Patreon and these sites: Blogs: Comedy: Writing: Faith and Religion: Daily […]

The House

A small road leads to a house. As you approach the house trees appear on each side of the road. This house is the center of a bigger story. It’s roots, like tree, spread out past this current location and time. This house is where it all began, begins. Please […]

Night Lights

Night comes again to this distant land. I stand among the giant trees. Bugs light the sky around me like tiny flames dancing in the breeze. Please continue reading this blog on my Patreon: Please read my writing on my Patreon and these sites:  […]


Good night to no one because I’m alone dreaming of a life I may never have. I feel the empty of the space around me. I’ve always been alone but I never realized it. No one wants me around. I’ve always been a loner. Loner. Please continue reading this blog […]

The Tower (Part One)

The stairs of the giant tour are numerous. The tower is old. I am certain that whatever is at the top of this tower is worth this adventitious journey. I attempt to steady my breathing so I may continue on my quest. With each step I take I begin to […]

The Suitcase (Part One)

The stillness of the air was unnerving. I was alone yet I felt watched with each step that I took into the abandoned house. I could smell time. There is a nostalgic smell that comes with places left abandoned for many years. It’s strange being nostalgic for a time in […]

Ghost #2

I feel nothing as I walk the halls of a new school. I was sent to the guidance counselor. She talked about feelings but I feel nothing. I met a teacher while waiting. He told me to come by his class after school. After school I walked in to an […]

Zombie Boy #1

I have no idea how to begin this. I mean where do I begin? The World changed. I changed. I was not myself for so many years. I regret the person I became. I hate the word most use to describe the person I was during those years. Zombie. I […]

Tree to Nowhere #1

I woke up in a strange land surrounded by nothing familiar. I followed a stranger to this place I first thought I had imagined. I followed through a door in that tree down into the ground and up out the other side. I don’t know where things turned upside down. […]

Ghost #1

They said it was sudden. They said many things meant to make me feel better. I wanted nothing to do with their good intentions. I wanted to be alone. No one tells you the truth when your dad dies. They want to make you feel better. In truth they want […]