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A slow drive across the country, with the songs of road trips a soundtrack to my journey, to find myself is where I begin. The ending is unclear and the middle is still being written. These faded pages of memory written over a lifetime are all I have of my […]

A New Day

The cool of the evening after the heat of the afternoon is a welcome change. The sky changes colors as the sun vanishes over the horizon. I stand alone on the edge of tomorrow, waiting for the last moments of this day to pass. The dreams will soon come. Life […]

Beneath the Tall Trees

We gathered beneath the tall trees and sang songs of praise. We gathered beneath trees with branches reaching out sheltering us from the sun as we sang songs of praise. We gathered beneath trees as the morning became day. Podcast: […]

Beneath Fake glowing Stars

I stare up at the ceiling with fake, glowing, stars. I listen to music while watching fake stars on my ceiling. I think of my life and the many memories. Soon dreams will take place of these memories. I think of the many day and nights so long ago. I […]

Late Evening…

In the late hours of the day I browse my memory for something I lost to time. I hear the music and it makes me recall times gone. Alone I find myself looking back over the years wondering where those people I met are now. These hours spent living moments […]

Scars, Unseen

I wake up the same as I do everyday. I know the past is unchangeable yet I still want to reconsider every mistake I’ve ever made. I have scars that you can see, scars from my past, and scars that you cannot see. I know these scars will never go […]


Before the night begins I find reasons to do nothing. How many days can I do the same thing? At night, in bed, I imagine the possible. So many options. After dreams I wake uncertain again. I find more reasons to do nothing. Podcast: […]

That Place Beyond Imagination…

These moments of memory, more like a dream, come to me as in fairy tales told over time. Adventures had in a place of fantasy. If not for the relics I brought home I would assume they were nothing more than dreams. Podcast: […]


I stare at the walls, they remain the same, as time goes on while I’m alone. Nothing changes, only rearranging with time, as life is always the same just another day. You don’t know the things that have brought me to this place. You look at me and you think […]


I listen to the rain. I feel the air cooling. I pause to consume this moment. I woke up uncertain. These emotions remain. Shall I hide the bad? Shall I ignore the good? I wait for something that I do not know. I hope for the unknown. I’m alone waiting […]


Time watched. Passing. Day to night. Dreams. Morning. I watch as days become weeks. I feel like I am motionless while the World keeps spinning. I’m unnoticed. No one sees me or wants to know me. I wake up and sit at my desk. I go to bed to dream […]

Now, Alone

I take my time to recall you as you once were just to see the way you look now. It’s not easy being alone but what we had would never last. I have written of my love for you before but I have always known that my love was for […]

Departed Memories

I trace these memories back over the years, all of these emotions from long ago, finding myself there again as though these are more than memories. The days gone come back to me in moments of longing for a time now departed. I once imagined if we had been more […]


Sometimes when I am on my own I think of you. When I have nothing else to do I sit here and remember you. I thought so much of you. You were the one I wanted to be more than friends with but you said no to me. I think […]

A Blank Screen

I wake up early in the morning. The song on the radio is a familiar tune. I stretch out in bed. No one but me and sometimes I’m okay with that. I walk to the bathroom for a morning shower. What should I wear today? Does it even matter? Today […]

Many Years Ago

When I was younger I thought I knew so much. Those years now gone like a ripple from a stone across a still pond. I think back for a moment to those times longe forgotten now recalled like it were yesterday. A play performed and so many days roaming the […]

Waiting for Love

I saw the lights in the sky while watching Victor fall in love. Somewhere out there beneath these very stars is a love I hope to find. I wonder how many more days until we meet and then he will be mine and will be his. Watching love through makebelieve […]