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Rain Falling Down

Have you ever seen the rain falling down from blocks away waiting for the clouds to come your way? I woke up with fragments of dream on my mind. I dreamt of past dreams in my dream this morning like nostalgic dreams. I felt alone in my dreams surrounded by […]


Each day I wake up not knowing how I’ll make it to the end of the day. Night comes again just the same as every other. I feel like I’m in a rotating door, each day feels the same, each night I look back wondering how was today different from […]


I’ve been thinking of you so often my hands are number than ever before. I’m gripping tightly to the memories of you naked beside me. I’m holding onto the moments faded by distance and time apart. I wanted more of you but your answer was no so I went my […]

Random Memories

My mind lingers upon memories. Moments in time. Moments gone. Moments of little consequence. Moments random like numbers called for a bingo game. I recall moments. They come to me. Out of nowhere bits of memory rise like a corpse rising to the surface. I want to hold onto some […]


I dream out loud as the words I wrote many years ago come back to me before my eyes. Pages of rhyme written over time. Expressing my depression in silly ways. I never was into drugs but I dreamt what if most of those days. Captivated by freedom I lost […]


I’ve been alone all of my life. Surrounded by strangers all of the time. Now I’m really alone wasting time. Please continue reading this blog on my Patreon: Please read my writing on my Patreon and these sites:  GoFundMe:  Watch me Live each […]

My Eyes

I had this dream, so vivid, yet it faded to blank as soon as I opened my eyes to a new day. I touch myself just to remind me that I feel anything. I’m numb to everything most of my days. Walking out on my own I follow the past […]

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

I was thinking the other day about the times gone. I went to the homecoming dance. I met her while you danced nearby. I took a road trip to her family reunion somewhere I don’t recall. All I recall is that it was a park. Times have come and went. […]


I slept in my car for days, maybe weeks. A bearded man sucked my cock surrounded by toy clowns. I’ve never been so alone as when I was then. My many mistakes have left many scars on my mind. He went down on me in the restroom as people came […]