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We follow these roads, take chances on the direction we’re headed. We’re uncertain of our destination, we follow anyone when we have nowhere to go in mind.   Please consider the Following: Podcast:

Soundtrack to My Life

A strange feeling comes over me whenever I hear that familiar song. It may be from a movie, a soundtrack that could be for my life, but it resonates beyond the big screen. I can hear the words and I can hear the music as I go through my day […]

Most Important Dreams

Waking in the morning, I’m out of bed before my dreams fade as they do everyday. No alarm just another day. Nothing to do but work and dream the day away. Say nothing to anyone because I’m all alone in my room. I dream while awake and I dream at […]


I shed the things of my past like baggage left at a former house. I see the changes over time like an evolution of myself. I feel the soft skin beneath and the blood rushes. Counting the stars while wishing these dreams could ever be true. I lay in bed […]


The hour comes to me, late at night in my room, with the urge to be aroused when all I really want is to go to bed. Love is Love but have I found it anywhere? I can be alone and satisfy myself but what I really need is someone […]


The house shakes with each gust of wind, the thunder echoing throughout the empty house, and I stare out into the dark wondering if I’ll ever see him again. It was a minor disagreement that led to him storming out of the house. I could have stopped him from leaving […]

To Mr. C

You were alive when I first read your words, poems written before I was born. All of these things I remember from when I was so young. Do you ever look back and wonder what became of the you back then because you now is so different than you were […]


I hear the bells ring, singing my song tonight. Time is my companion tonight, we go back so far, he’s always at my side.   Please consider the Following: Podcast:

Floating Through

I float through like I’m Casper. I woke up alone again trying to pretend I’m doing better but the pain don’t lie. All of these words to hide how I’m feeling. Sunday morning, time passing, as I wonder if things will always be this way. I drift into the silence […]

Shatter the Wall

I couldn’t imagine these nights, like a castle in the sky my dreams fill my mind with plans for another hour, these nights are not easy because these are the nights of waiting for something more. Waiting for a dream to be more than images in my head, waiting for […]

My Muse is the night

Time for a little rest, dream of something different. It’s late and I need to go to bed but my mind is eager to write. At night I like to write. At night is when things come to me so clear.   Please consider the Following: […]