Saturday, May 14, 2022

A boy with a dream of singing meets his father, a famous country singer, after believing he was dead all of his life.

This famous country singer is in the process of drinking his career into oblivion unless he can write a new hit song.

The two will meet. These stories are truly made up based upon fictional accounts of fictional characters. The names have not been changed because the characters are imaginary.

Cast of characters:

Jason: Dreams of becoming a famous singer and songwriter

Alex: Jason’s boyfriend

Jason’s Grandma and Grandpa

Jeff: Jason’s dad, abandoned Jason after Jason’s mom died during childbirth.

Rex: Jeff’s manager

Strange days are always near in this town in the middle of nowhere. Most would overlook such a place as it doesn’t stand out for any reason including the signs along the one freeway that comes close to the town with a small road connecting the town to the freeway. A small gas station, convenience store, located at the exit from the freeway, gives the impression that the exit to the town is merely an exit for this gas station.

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